Internet assigned numbers authority

History of the Internet Domain Name

(body, networking) (IANA) The central registry for various "assned numbers": Internet Protocol parameters, such as port, protocol, and enterprise numbers; and options, codes, and types.

The Internet Assned Numbers Authority Transition -

The Internet Assned Number Authority (IANA) is responsible for Internet protocol (IP) and coordinates global IP addressing, symbols, numbering, media-type and DNS root zone management.

Policy - ICANN

Policy - ICANN

In some cases this may provide guidance and insht on matters relating ICANN in general.

RFC 6335 - Internet Assned Numbers Authority IANA

The currently assned values are listed in the "Assned Numbers" document STD 2.

Internet assigned numbers authority:

Rating: 87 / 100

Overall: 95 Rates

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