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Kent Hovind-- A fraud and a Tax Rebel - Blessed Quietness

Famine and new diseases threaten to wipe out large segments of the world’s population.


If you with your car somebody, you are responsible, so that would be similar to the ox goring somebody after you have been warned.

<strong>Kent</strong> <strong>Hovind</strong>'s <strong>DISSERTATION</strong> FOR DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN.

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HOME - TABLE OF CONTENTS - WAR ROOM - THE GOSPEL - BIBLE STUDY - MORAL ISSUES - KING JAMES BIBLE - CULTS HUMOR - PROPHECY - WORLD AFFAIRS - QUIET PLACE - STEVE'S YARNS - STEVE'S BIO - HEALTH - LADIES' PAGE - HEROESIn the article below I told you that Kent Hovind was headed for a show down with sin and rhteousness and judgment.

Dissassembly of a Dissertation - Episode 1 -

Today I was encouraged to find a You Tube video of Dr. Wanting to do rht is not a requirement to believe the Gospel. Please read the excellent sermon, What Is The Gospel? I have my beefs with the niche some one-issue believers have made financially from the subject of Evolution, but I believe God still honors every soul-winning ministry that sincere and legitimately preachers the Gospel (i.e., the simplicity that is in Jesus Christ, 2nd Corinthians 11:3) Unfortunately, at present that excludes Dr. Hovind's denial of a pretribulation Rapture, but I respect other's rht in the Body of Christ to disagree with me. Texe Marrs and Pastor Steven Anderson (who both teach a Pre Wrath Rapture), even though I refute them both on that topic and don't agree with their position on the Rapture. Our Battle is not against each other as Christians, but against the Alexandrian Bible corrupting crowd (aka, the Bob Jones University and Moody Bible Institute crowd), and the Lordship Salvation gang (aka, Dr. The average Christian believer is woefully norant of the forming New World Order, and so most Christians support it! I have a Biblical rht to remarry, because I didn't want the divorce, but I've had great difficulty moving on emotionally with my life.

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