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The opening three installments offer no disappointment for the wait. The first installment paints a portrait of New Orleans, birthplace of jazz, at the turn of the last century, and presents the orin of jazz as a gumbo of musical forms, including minstrel music, ragtime, brass band parade music, and even opera.

Michael Ondaatje's Coming Through Slaughter Disrupting

Bunk Johnson was a fine cornet player: a pioneer in the early days of New Orleans jazz.

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While the usual claim for New Orleans as the unique "birthplace" of jazz may be somewhat exaggerated, its distinctive cultural climate provides a microcosm for the social forces that created jazz-in particular, tensions within the nominally black community between "Creoles of color" and lower-class black populations, and the interactions between these musicians and "white" musicians of many ethnic backgrounds.

Chick Webb Memorial - ChickenBones A Journal

It was their "folk music" but it has since grown and spread until now it is the province of peoples the world over.

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