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Family Trees - William T. Sherman Papers Dital Collections.

Since 1905 it has specialized in the printing of periodicals and magazines.

Confessions of a former neo-Confederate - Vox

In November 1864, sixty-two thousand Union forces readied themselves to depart from Atlanta.

Family Trees - <strong>William</strong> T. <strong>Sherman</strong> Papers Dital Collections.

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It’s the Jefferson Davis Monument, the second-tallest obelisk in the world, erected in 1924 near the birthplace of the Confederacy’s only president. An obelisk in the middle of nowhere is creepy enough, but he was also referring to the other visitors — a few bikers, a few folks wearing Confederate flag T-shirts, everyone white.

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For most of them, the monument was more than a curiosity. “These people,” he continued, “are real neo-Confederate types, aren’t they?

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