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The only thing she left was a locket with her name inscribed.

Why is Nancy such an important character in the novel Oliver Twist.

Dickens satirizes characters who voice such an opinion, such as Mr. At the end of the novel, we discover that Oliver is, in fact, the child of well-off parents, and a Victorian reader could interpret the novel as saying that Oliver’s seemingly innate goodness is inherited from them. from your cradle were gall and bitterness to your own father’s heart, and . Rose is a young lady of good breeding and perfect chastity.

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At the time, Dickens was scolded for giving a "whore" such an appealing character, challenging recieved wisdom at the time that prostitutes and criminals were born evil.

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Victorian stereotypes about the poor asserted that poverty and vice were fundamentally connected and that, moreover, both were hereditary traits: the poor were supposedly bad from birth. On the surface, Dickens appears to be using Oliver Twist to criticize the Victorian idea that the poor were naturally destined for lives of degradation and desperation. However, on a more subtle level, Oliver may be interpreted as a character who lends support to the very stereotypes Dickens seems to be condemning. all evil passions, vice, and proflacy, festered [in you].” It seems, then, that vice and virtue may be hereditary traits, present in an individual “from [the] cradle.” Consider the female characters of Nancy, Rose Maylie, and Agnes Fleming. The differences between the three women are explicitly stated in the novel.

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