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This bibliography is intended to embrace all fields relevant to Lollard studies. (Note: an earlier version of this was previously published as “Ecclesiastical Justice and the Detection of Heresy in England, 1380-1430,” Ph. This article examines Swinderby’s attitude towards ecclesiastical sanctions in lht of Wyclif’s own ideas, and the theory and practice of excommunication in the late medieval Church. “Lollard Writings, Literary Criticism, and the Meaningfulness of Form.” Bose and Hornbeck 135-152. “John Wyclif on Papal Election, Correction, and Deposition.” 69 (2007): 141-85. Rather than being a simple tale of heresy and orthodoxy, therefore, this late medieval conflict turned on the question of professional expertise, rhts and responsibilities.”] —. “The Literal Sense of Scripture and the Search for Truth in the Late Middle Ages.” Revue D’histoire Ecclésiastique 104.3-4 (2009): 783-827. Scholastic theologians developed a distinct attitude toward textual meaning in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries which departed snificantly from earlier trends. According to Ocker, “This was a conservative century for the church, marked by reactions to Hussites and Wycliffites and by attempts to restore the papal monarchy and adapt to the encroaching impossibility of papal temporal influence outside Italy” (488).] Odlozilík, Otakar. “A Controversy on Confirmation: Thomas Netter of Walden and Wyclif.” Bergström-Allen and Copsey 317-332. Binghaon: Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies, 1986. “The Chronology of Wyclif’s English Sermons.” 40 (2009): 387-410.

Doctoral <b>Dissertations</b> School of Divinity Liberty University


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