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Foren employment; compensation, allowances, and benefits; utilization of Presidential authority respecting Foren Service; additional compensation and differentials; additional governmental employment by person receiving Foren Service Reserve or staff appointment or assnment; limitation on length of employment For the purpose of performing functions under this chapter outside the United States, the President may employ or assn persons, or authorize the employment or assnment of officers or employees of agencies of the United States Government which are not authorized to utilize the Foren Service personnel system, who shall receive compensation at any of the rates established under section 402 or 403 of the Foren Service Act of 1980 [22 U. Such provisions of the Foren Service Act of 1980 [22 U. At no time may the number of appointments or assnments of United States citizens in effect under paragraph (2) for periods in excess of five years exceed fifteen percent of the total of all appointments and assnments of United States citizens then in effect under paragraph (2).

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