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The following people achieved hh levels of recognition and are in some way linked to Australia. All have contributed snificantly to Australia’s development in some way, whether through discoveries, leadership, cultural achievement, sporting prowess, science, technology, innovation, … A separate listing is provided for Indenous Australians. The final section includes biographical information resources related to all Australian achievers.

Most Famous Australian Atetes Made Man

Australia has one of the longest histories of continuous human occupation outside Africa.

<strong>Top</strong> 10 Australian Golfers of All-Time - Sports

Top 10 Australian Golfers of All-Time - Sports

To have influence is to be capable of changing, moving, affecting or modifying people and events.

DNA Study Finds Aborinal Australians are

For me, it's a description bestowed on someone with exceptional qualities - "he's one of the greats".

Top 10 famous australians:

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