Congratulations for defending a dissertation

Congratulations to Qian Katie Sun on her successful thesis defense!

Brain Mapper Jonathan Shute successfully defended his dissertation entitled “Closing the Loop in Tourette Syndrome” on November 4th, 2016. Gunduz was invited to serve on the Computational Science Advisory Committee of the Michael J. The Committee, formed of non-biased, external expert advisors in computational science, will help MJFF in its support of technologies in biomedical computing, informatics, and data science for Parkinson’s disease (PD) therapeutic development.

Congratulations on defending your

Amy Hester for successfully defending her dissertation this week: “Development of a Fall Injury Prediction Model.” The UAMS College of Nursing is proud to have great representation from all its students.

<i>Congratulations</i> on <i>defending</i> your

Congratulations Josiah for successfully defending your thesis.

Dear Jonathan, Many congratulations on this huge accomplishment, Dr. It has been wonderful witnessing your dissertation in the making from close by and watching you very successfully present your work at meetings and conferences. Congratulations to Max as well, for sharing this important milestone with you. I wish you all the best as you embark on a new and exciting chapter in your life. A little bird (named Allie) told me that you are now Dr. I look forward to our paths crossing again in your journey.

Congratulations! 2015-16 Defended Dissertations – York Centre for.

The Caltech Nanofabrication woud like to congratulate Jingqing Huang on her successful thesis defense!

Congratulations for defending a dissertation:

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